From a single point of contact, Site Resources provides a wide range of services to its wireless industry clients.

Network MaintenanceWireless Network repairs

  • Systems: BTS, DC Plants, Telco, e911, Auxiliary Power
  • Lines & Antennas:
    • Troubleshooting, repairs, commission testing
    • LOS: Install/Commission/Path Alignment
  • Microwave: troubleshooting, repairs, commission testing
  • Commission Testing/Sweeps/Fiber/PIM


  • Fencing, grading, electrical, shelters, concrete pads, landscaping

Network ExpansionCell phone tower expansion

  • System Expansions: BTS, DC Plants, Telco
  • E911/Auxiliary Power
  • Lines & Antenna Expansions
  • Remote Electrical Tilt System: Installation/Programming

Network Construction Services

  • Sites: Lines & Antennas/Fiber and Power
  • Microwave Systems

Structural Modifications ServicesTower Stacking

  • Guyed Tower modifications
  • Flat Bar Installations
  • Angle Replacements
  • Leg Reinforcements
  • Foundation Upgrades
  • Welding Modifications