Partial Client List

Site Resources is proud to have worked with many leading wireless providers since its founding. Following are just a few of our clients and noteworthy projects.

  • American Tower
  • AT&T
  • AT&T Network Disaster Solution
  • CBRE
  • Clearwire
  • Commscope
  • Cricket
  • Crown Castle
  • Ericsson
  • FDH Velocitel
  • MasTec Network Solutions
  • PT Access
  • Robinson Tower
  • Sabre
  • SBA
  • Sprint
  • Structural Components
  • T-Mobile
  • TEP Engineering
  • TES Engineering

Key Projects

Sprint 2.5
Working through Crown Castle and also directly with Sprint,  Site Resources completed over 90 installs in the Sprint 2.5 upgrade project.  These sites were completed in the Carolinas as well as Virginia.
AT&T New Site Builds
Between 2013 and 2014, Site Resources completed over 60 new site builds through MasTec for AT&T.  
Commscope Verizon AWS
In 2014 SRI completed 60+ AWS installs in North and South Carolina.   
AT&T Network Maintenance (ACAS)
SRI is a preferred supplier to AT&T for priority network maintenance repairs.  
AT&T LTE Additional Carrier Installs
In 2014 SRI upgraded and installed over 200 LTE and additional carrier sites, in addition to the LTE first carrier installs detailed below. 
Sprint Network Vision
SRI completed almost 100 Network Vision sites in 2013. 
AT&T LTE Install
Site Resources was instrumental in installing LTE technology in the Carolinas, completing over 100 new LTE installs per year during the initial wave of LTE implementation. Even with the AT&T 4G network now launched, SRI continues to build additional sites as needed by the customer.
AT&T Operations Maintenance
Site Resources has assisted in maintaining the AT&T Raleigh, NC market since 1998. Our crews apply their extensive troubleshooting skills to identify and repair issues related to antennas, lines, CCU equipment, T1s, and LMU technology. On a daily basis, SRI works with AT&T Field Engineers to maintain over 800 sites in the Raleigh network.
Clearwire Wi-Max Project / Carolinas (2009-2010)
Site Resources provided construction and maintenance services to help convert the Clearwire Expedience network into the high speed Wi-Max network. The project included Wi-Max conversion, Expedience deconstruction and installation and maintenance of Microwave Backhaul.
Cingular SWAPS/UMTS (2005-2006)
In support of Cingular’s upgrade to UMTS, SRI provided logistics, construction and technical services at over 1500 sites throughout North and South Carolina.
Cingular Wireless / Raleigh Market Expansion Project (2001-2002)
Site Resources was responsible for turn-key construction of over 500 site modifications in the Raleigh, NC network. Services included site surveys, job planning, materials takeoffs, complete supply chain management and labor to complete the upgrades. SRI also developed an online database and job management tool that was used to perform the expansion work more efficiently.
Cingular Wireless (Raleigh Market) Network Survey
Site Resources provided a complete climbing survey of over 500 sites in the Cingular – Raleigh network. The data was used to populate an online database and job management tool developed by SRI. The tool was used to manage and support the 2001-2002 expansion project.
Provision of L&A Specification & Installation Guide for Major Carrier
A major cellular carrier commissioned SRI to author and produce a new L&A specification and installation guide. The document was produced using our extensive knowledge and experience with lines and antennas. The guide is still in use today.
Dare County Microwave Network & Doppler RADAR
In the Outer Banks of North Carolina, SRI provided construction services to build a county-wide microwave network and Doppler RADAR site for Dare County Emergency Management. Site Resources also provided design and construction services necessary to adapt and install the RADAR atop an existing water tank.